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Anarchy in flight


Meany Studio Theatre

Director: Alethea Alexander

Costumes: Jordan Fell

Original Music Composition: Kaley Lane Eaton

Dancers/Collaborators: Rose Amlin, Michelle Asencio, Katie Daugherty, Mikaela Ebbeson, Iona Farrell,

Natalie Fernandi, SiQi He, Megumi Hosaka, Katie Janis, Kelly Langeslay, Sojung "Esther" Lim, Mimi Reed, Madison Shorter, Megan Sellman, Ashley Woodworth

Drawing from an exaggerated and deconstructed ballet vocabulary, Anarchy in flight explores states of tension: bird and human, elegance and absurdity, gesture and explosivity, contemporary and classical, individual and collective. The work intentionally interrogates the hierarchy and ephemerality of classical imaginings of ballerinas as bird (Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast). Throughout the work, the dancer seagulls appear as socialist (bordering on anarchic) postmodernists, diffuse in space, time and even quality.

Photos: Warren Woo

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