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and then, together


Broadway Performance Hall

Director: Alethea Alexander

Costumes: Alethea Alexander

Music: Mike Hands + Michaud Savage

Dancers/Collaborators: Aleskia Abbe, Kiley Bijlani, Kimmie Bacon, Coco Chuang, Emily Farrow, Angela Gervassi-Saga, Corey Meyers, Lucien Jessie Herzog, Renee Robert, Young Nae Choi, Sienna Williams

A fish on its own will become fragile and sluggish compared to the quivering energy of a wild school.  

This piece was made in collaboration with the intermediate-level performing artists of Strictly Seattle, a three-week intensive hosted by Velocity Dance Center. The performers in this work are adults of diverse ages and experience levels, who elected to come together to create community, deepen their dance practice and build a new work of art in the summer of 2019. 


Photos: Jim Coleman

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