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table machine

APRIL 2023

Bellingham Repertory Dance at the Firehouse Performing Arts Center

Choreographer: Alethea Alexander in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Marissa Hernandez, Juliette Machado, Tatyana Stahler, Betty

Sound design: Alethea Alexander

Sounds: "In My Dreams" ANHONI (excerpted), "Betty" Alethea Alexander, "VII - Live at Berlin Atonal (2016)" Mika Vainio (excerpted), "Movement 3 - Live" Mika Vainio, Ryoji Ikeda, alva noto (excerpted),

"Hymn for a Missing Girl" The Darcys (excerpted)

Table Machine is a quartet for three humans and a metal worktable. It is a project of investigating desire (without nostalgia or yearning), function (without apathy), urgency (free from anxiety), and fullness (without design). Inspired by Gilles Deleuze's notion of "machines" as community- and other-seeking systems that act on desire, Table Machine is a world of movement and effort backed by an electronic soundscore, laced with sparse poetry. 

all photos: Collin Montoya-Lewis

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