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Tornado 2.0


Meany Studio Theater • University of Washington

Choreography: Alethea Alexander + dancers

Original Music Composition and Performance: Daniel Webbon

Costumes: Emily Woods Hogue

Lighting: Peter Bracilano

Dancers: Charlotte Schoen, Jennifer Lo, Julia James, Jaiqi Kyki Li, Madison Rose Bristol, Megumi Hosaka, Sabrina Kim, Rosy Gentle, Vivian Ho

Tornado 2.0 is a practice in stamina and strength. Exhaustion is "choreographic," and reliance on swelling sound, collective effort and visible support emerge as grounding forces for the performers. Sound and movement materials were collected from women's bodies and experiences to build a frenetic and organic world created by and for women. Repeated gestures are remembered patterns from mothers, grandmothers and friends, warped through the same dynamic and rhythmic play that is mirrored in the live drumming and recorded score gathered from dancer's voices. Tornado 2.0 embraces surges of power, frustration and chaos.

Photos: Tim Summers

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