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MARCH 2023

Mini Mart City Park

Directors/Choreographers/Dancers: Alethea + Hannah Simmons

Costumes: Alethea + Hannah

Sound design: Alethea Alexander

Sounds: “Infatuation (Sunlight Zone)” SOPHIE, “Infatuation (Twilight Zone)” SOPHIE, “SUNLIGHT” The Magician, Years & Years, “Mighty Real” Sylvester, “La Wally: Ebben? …Ne andrò Iontana” Maria Callas & the Tullio Philharmonia Orchestra

Astroturf dreams of replica, joy, excess, absurdity, artifice and value: a duet built in collaboration with Hannah Simmons. Premiered at Ode: K'an, an evening-length immersive dance performance created for Mini Mart City Park, designed for an intimate audience in the winter. 

all photos: Jim Coleman

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