Headshot of Alethea Alexander. Photo credit: Steve Korn

photo: Steve Korn

Alethea is a Seattle-based dance artist and educator. She holds an M.F.A. in Dance from the University of Washington where she filled the role of Acting Assistant  Professor from 2018-2020. Her passion for teaching and building sensation-based dance spaces for diverse bodies to approach western concert dance forms has permeated her work with students at the University of Washington, Whatcom Community College and emerging and professional dancers at Velocity Dance CenterDance Church® and Pilates studios up and down the west coast. She has performed with the artists of Bellingham Repertory Dance (Bellingham); Chamber Dance Company, Quark Contemporary Dance Theatre, The Stone Dance Collective and Ballet Bellevue (Seattle); and Unum Dance Company, Scott Wells and Jo Kreiter (San Francisco). Born in Washington State, Alethea grew up in the little northwest corner city of Bellingham.

Alethea’s creative and academic interests include accessibility and inclusivity of education, fusions of dance practices and American pop-culture, and social change through movement expression. Her creative work investigates the belief that touch, effort, construction, exhaustion and commitment to mutually attentive detail are tools for community and identity building. Through choreography, embodied research and workshop structures, she seeks to experience, (re)define, practice and portray feminist possibilities of relationship, object, task, effort, construction and subjectivity in the organic and inorganic. Her recent collaborations include partnerships with dance artists, a glass artist, composers, PVC piping, cement and wearable glass garments, and have been presented at the Katharyn Alvord Gerlich Theater, Firehouse Performing Arts Center, Sam Houston State UniversityBellevue Arts Museum and in workshop structures. The Objectx workshop (developed with Adele Nickel, M.F.A.) offers intentional interaction with unwieldy, unfamiliar objects as a practical exercise for entering into relationship with any unfamiliar body. Objectx commits to treating objects-as-bodies adding a new layer to our awareness of, and strategies for, combatting the treatment of bodies as objects.